About Us

Ellsworth Handcrafted has been designing and manufacturing bicycles for over 27 years with a heritage centered around the mountain bike culture that developed in Southern California in the late 80s.  Ellsworth Handcrafted is known for its uncompromised full suspension mountain bikes that provide more Traction, Control and Efficiency which translates into a riding experience like no other.

Factory Team Profiles

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Founded by Tony Ellsworth in 1991, Ellsworth Handcrafted was started in Tony’s garage with a passion and desire to build bikes in America with the highest level of American content.  Renowned for their ride quality, Ellsworth full suspension bikes carried the unique and patented Instant Center Tracking (ICT) suspension which Tony first patented in 1993.  Today, ICT has been refined into Active Energy Efficient Suspension (AEES) which still carries the pedal efficient kinematics and ride essence of the original ICT, but now has improved ride characteristics, stiffer handling, and current geometries today’s professional and enthusiasts are looking for.

Key Models from Ellsworth’s current and past line-up include:


Some of Ellsworth’s firsts include:

First Sub 22lbs Suspension Mountain Bike
Patented Instant Center Tracking (ICT) - 1993
Early Adoption of EPS Carbon Molding
Designed for electronic shifting- Di2 - 2013
Boost Spacing adopted across entire MTB line- 2015
Carbon Torsion Arch- 2015
Hex Taper Axle- 2015
Industry leading Performance Satisfaction Guarantee- 2017