Rogue Frame Build

Frame Build Parts List
1. Front Triangle 8. O-Rings (X2) 15. Sex Pins, (X2)female,
2. Shock 9. Rocker Locker Pin 16. Long Male, Short male Sex Pins
3. Lower Shock Bolt 10. Chainstay 17. Shockstay Guard
4. Lower Shock Bolt Nut 11. Chainstay Guard 18. Axle
5. Seat Clamp 12. Shockstay 19. QR hinge nut
6. Headtube Badge 13. Rockers 20. Quick Release
7. Upper Shock Bolt 14. Shockstay Bolts (X4)  

Step: 1
Install lower shock bolt and nut
Use 5mm allen wrench for bolt
Use 10mm closed end wrench for nut
Torque to 10 Ft. lbs.

Lower shock bolt: M6x35x1.0
Lower shock bolt nut:10mm head X 1.0 Threads

Step: 2
1. Insert “Rocker Locker” pin into the upper shock eyelet.
2. Add the two O-rings to each side of the rocker locker to prevent dirt entering the DU bushing of the shock.
3. Grease both sides of the Rocker Locker.

O-ring Size : 12x1mm

Step: 3
Grease all bolts and use medium strength Loctite on all threads.

Quantity: 2 Sex Pins
4 Shockstay Bolts
1 Upper Rocker Bolt

Step: 4
Install one of the rockers to the frame.
The upper Rocker takes (1) female and (1) short male.

Step: 5
1. Install the other half of the rocker and torque the sex pin to 20 Ft. lbs. (use Qty.2 8mm allens).
2. Install the upper rocker bolt, torque to 10 Ft. lbs (use 5mm allen).

Step: 6
1. Install Chainstay, use one female and the long male sex pin.
2. Torque to 20 Ft lbs.
3. Slide the chainstay protector on, push it up past the rear bearing.

Step: 7
Install the shockstay by sliding it into the bearing on the rocker.
Install the 2 upper shockstay bolts that are attached to the rocker, torque to 15 Ft lbs.

Step: 8
Install the 2 upper shockstay bolts that are attached to the rocker, torque to 15 Ft lbs.

Step: 9
Install the shockstay protector, line up the edge of the protector with the edge of the bearings interface.

Step: 10
Final product of what the shockstay guard should look like installed.

Step: 11
1. Install hanger, the hanger sits perfectly into the interface of the shockstay.
2. Tighten the 2.5mm allen on the backside of the shockstay. (snug fit).

Step: 12
After hanger is installed, slide the chainstay protector over the shockstay and shockstay guard to protect from chain slap.

Step: 13
Install the axle by greasing both hex’s on the axle to allow for easy removal when releasing the rear wheel.

Step: 14
Install quick release to the drive side.

Step: 15
Install seat clamp.

Step: 16
Install the 4 water bottle cage bolts..

Step: 17
Install head tube badge, it is recommended to clean the surface with alcohol before pressing the badge on.

Final Product