Rogue Brake Line Install

Step: 1
1. Remove the brake lever assembly from the brake cable and cut off the barb and olive, remove the threaded insert and rubber brake cable cover from the brake. (some brakes come with the cable already removed from the lever assembly)
2. To install the brake line into the shockstay. Make the tool above from an old spoke, it will help for guiding the brake cable through the shockstay (also know as a seatstay).
3. Sharpen the spoke on one side and bend it to match the angle of the brake cable line holes on the shockstay.

Step: 2
This is what the sharpened spoke will look like when it is sitting in the frame on the non-drive side of the shockstay.

Step: 3
Attach the brake line to the sharpened part of the spoke and feed the brake line through the shockstay.

Step: 4
1. Pull spoke through shockstay.
2. Once the brake line is through the shockstay, remove the spoke.

Step: 5
Insert the cable into the internal cable ports next to the seat tube on the non-drive side.

Step: 6
Upper internal hole will be for the rear brake.
Lower internal hole will be for the rear derailleur - actual hole in the frame is for DI2 electronic cables.

Step: 7
Adjust the banjo on the caliper so it will fit properly behind the shockstay.