Purchase Options

Ellsworth provides our customers with a wide array of options to buy and service their Ellsworth ride. We offer a choice of Program Stocking Dealers with on-hand inventory across the US. In select US and Canadian markets, our Concierge Delivery (by Velofix) will provide a unique on-site delivery of your new bike at your preferred location. For markets which lack both Program Dealers and Concierge Delivery, Ellsworth’s Inside Sales Team will work with you to find a Remote Delivery Option at a store in your vicinity, which provides final build and tuning of your new bike.

US Dealers

US Ellsworth Program Dealer address/zip code look up for dealers in continental US.

Concierge Delivery Option
Ellsworth’s Concierge Delivery Option (CDO) provides you with a choice for home/work delivery of your new fitted Ellsworth by Velofix, our mobile delivery partner and service team.

Remote Deliver Option
Remote Delivery allows you to get a Ellsworth Handcrafted Bike fully assembled and tuned by a shop in your neighborhood.

International Outlets
Ellsworth sells its bikes globally through a worldwide network of authorized dealers and distributors. Click here for a list of authorized dealers outside of the United States.