Tis the season for giving...

so we're giving you a FREE WHEELSET when you purchase a convert bike!

For the holidays we’re offering up one monster deal – buy any of our convert bikes with a 29er or 27.5+ configuration, and receive the other sized wheelset & tires for free! Just swap the cassette and rotors to the other wheelset to enjoy the benefits of these two very different wheel platforms on one bike. You will now have the confidence to take on any trail.

29 inch wheel has plenty benefits – they roll over obstacles better, they’re faster and will be your wheel size of choice for an all-day haul. It is no secret that 29 is the weapon of choice for cross country racers around the world.

27.5+ inch wheel offers a higher volume of air and larger surface area of the tire does wonders in conditions that would normally put a standard size tire to the test. Sand, snow and muddy conditions become a mountain bike playground with a 27.5+ set up. The extra compliance of a larger and softer tire makes this a great selection for a quick cruise or exploration ride where you’re unsure what terrain you might encounter.