Those Who Ride Know…

Those Who Ride Know… the true ride quality and performance characteristics of an Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycle with Active Energy Efficient Suspension (AEES).  Now you can turn your riding club into members of the Ellsworth Nation and earn your way into a brand-new ride.  Your referral not only gives you credits towards a new bike, but your ridding buddy will also receive a 5% rebate on his or her purchase through the Ellsworth store.


How it Works

Earning your benefits are as simple as sharing your love with non-owners.  Simply mention the program to your friends and when they purchase a new bike through the Ellsworth online store, they will receive a 5% rebate on their purchase.  They provide your name and email during the checkout process, and you are immediately credited towards a Free Upgrade to a higher valued build kit on your next Ellsworth complete bike purchase.  But don’t stop there, because the more you refer, the more credits you earn.


Depending on the number of referrals you can make, you earn discounts off the retail price of a new Ellsworth complete.  Make up to 11 referrals and you’ve earned a new complete Rogue Sixty XT build – a $6,500 value (for illustrative purposes).  Once credits are earned, you don’t lose them so you can save them up for a future purchase when you are ready.

Referral Benefits*

Referral  Benefit
1st Free Build Kit Upgrade
18% Discount
28 % Discount
37 % Discount
46 % Discount
55 % Discount
65 % Discount
74 % Discount
83 % Discount
92 % Discount


How do I refer a friend?

Simply tell your riding buddy or club about Ellsworth’s referral program.   Ellsworth owners please contact Ellsworth Bikes to get a discount /referral code, and get an immediate 5% off their purchase.  They simply include your name and email in their order notes and your referral benefit will be emailed to you.

Can I earn credits towards any bike?

Yes.  Discount levels accumulate for all our complete bikes.

Is the program available to International customers?

Yes, but please contact your local distributor for details and program limitations.

Is the program available store employees?

No.  Ellsworth offers Dealer store employee pricing separate from the Nation Builder Program