Sag Set-up

Rear Shock Adjustment Knobs

Blue Switchis a compression switch. This switch has 3 different setting depending on terrain and rider feel.
Open positon- The most plush feel and where the shock should be when setting up proper sag for riders weight. This position is also always used when descending on the bike.

Medium positon- Stiffens up the shock, some riders like a stiffer feel when climbing hills. On Ellsworth’s AEES suspension design, we recommend leaving the shock in the open position for climbing because the rear wheel tracks and rides over bumps better when compression is not added.

Firm position-Makes the rear shock very stiff and is typically used on fire roads or pedaling back to the car on the road after your ride.

Black KnobBlack knob adjusts the difference in feel when the large blue compression knob is switched from open mode to medium compression and to firm compression.
The larger the number that the black knob is set at, the stiffer each setting will be when the blue compression knob is adjusted.
1. Plush
2. Medium
3. Firm
Red Knob is for rebound which will change how fast the shock comes back up when rider applies weight to the shock.

Setting Sag For Body Weight

  1. Make sure the Blue compression knob is set in the wide open mode
    on the shock.
  2. Attach pedals to the bike.
  3. Have customer sit on the bike with feet on the pedals (hold up the bike so customers total body weight is on the bike.
  4. Have the customer bounce up and down on the bike a couple times and move the rubber O-ring back up to where the stock is sitting with rider weight on the saddle.
  5. Measure the O-ring with a millimeter ruler and determine if bike is set to the proper 30% sag.

30% Sag for 2016-2017 Ellsworth Bikes

Shock Adjustments

Ellsworth Bikes work the best when bikes are set at 30% sag.
To determine which bike has 2.25 inches of stroke or 2.0 inches of stroke, please see below chart.

2.0 inch stroke shocks need 15mm of sag on the shock for 30%
Rogue 40

2.25 inch stroke shocks need 17mm of sag on the shock for 30%
Rogue 60
Epiphany Convert (alloy and carbon)
Epiphany 29 (alloy and carbon)
Epiphany 275 (alloy and carbon)

Add or remove pressure in the shock to give the proper sag as needed.

Fork Adjustments

Front fork and rear shock have the same fine tune adjustments. Front fork should have between 15-30% sag depending on how aggressive the rider is.

The best way to properly set sag is to put the rider on the bike with all the body weight on the saddle and have the customer hold the front brake. This will help dive the fork down when weight is on the bike.