Ellsworth makes funding the purchase of your mountain bike easy. For residents of the United States, we offer three basic financing options for those who aren’t able to purchase the bike upfront via Paypal or Credit Card.

You can chose:
• For 0% over 24 months the fee is 15% the loan amount
• For 0% over 12 months the fee is 9% the loan amount
• For Low interest financing, there is no fee

The process is simple. Just complete the below Application with the type of financing program, amount and credit information, and within 48 hours you will have an answer on the approval of your credit application. Once approved, your bike will be shipped within 2-3 business days through your choice of delivery option. You also can finance a portion of the bike by paying a portion up front, and financing the rest.


Follow the instructions below. Please include the total cart price from the Ellsworth Shop when entering the amount to finance.