Ellsworth Five Year Warranty

Ellsworth bicycle frames are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of (5) five years from the date of purchase from an authorized Ellsworth dealer. This warranty applies to the original owner only and is nontransferable. The Ellsworth Five Year Warranty is activated by mailing in a completed warranty registration card along with a copy of the original sales receipt. A new bike must be registered within 60 days from original date of sale in order to activate the warranty. Proof of purchase will be required for activation.

The Ellsworth Five Year Warranty protects you from faulty products. It is conditioned upon the bike being properly assembled by an authorized Ellsworth dealer, that the bicycle was properly serviced and maintained in line with the service intervals and suggested maintenance as set forth in the technical documents that shipped with the bicycle, and that the bicycle was ridden under normal conditions as intended and set forth by the marketing associated with the particular Ellsworth product. Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace any frame or frameset component that it deems to have failed due to manufacturing or material defect with a product of equal or greater value.

The Ellsworth Five Year Warranty does not cover normal wear, nor does it cover defects, failures, or malfunctions that result from neglect, abuse, crashes, alteration, improper maintenance, or improper assembly.

The costs to disassemble and reassemble the bicycle for the process of submission for warranty evaluation are the sole responsibility of the original owner and are not covered by this warranty nor are the costs to ship your warranty claim to us for evaluation. Ellsworth will cover shipping costs for warranty replacement products or to return your original frame if denied for warranty claim.

Ellsworth No-Fault Replacement

The Ellsworth No-Fault Replacement policy is applicable for the duration of the Ellsworth Five Year Warranty for the original, registered owner of the bicycle.

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position to have damaged your bike due to a crash or other non-warrantable situation, Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles offers the ability to purchase replacement parts at a reduced cost to get you back out on the trail.

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