Ellsworth Performance
Satisfaction Guarantee (EPSG)

Ellsworth’s Performance Satisfaction Guarantee (EPSG) is our pledge to our customers that a new stock 2017 Ellsworth bike will perform better and provide you with a mountain bike ride like no other in the market. We feel so confident in that pledge that you will have more fun, get a new PR on Strava, and enjoy the sport of mountain biking that much more, we will take your stock 2017 Ellsworth back after 30 days. So there is no risk to your ultimate rider experience on a bike with more traction, better control and the best pedal efficiency in the market.

New customers simply order their new bike online, and Ellsworth’s experienced sales team will confirm your order and provide you with specifics on the fulfillment process. We have partnered with Velofix Direct in over 50 markets to give you a personalized experience in your next bike purchase. Velofix trained mechanics will build, set up, and tune your new Ellsworth to our specific standards. Delivery will occur at your preferred location (home or office) and the concierge service will allow you to ride your new Ellsworth knowing its dialed in just for you.

Velofix will return after 30 days to check in on your new purchase and conduct a minor tune at no extra charge. However, within 30 days, if you find your 2017 Ellsworth isn’t the best bike you have owned, Velofix will return sooner to get the bike and check for any damage. Upon a quick inspection, if the bike has been subject to minor wear and tear, we will refund your purchase, less a $250 restock fee.


What is the Ellsworth Performance Satisfaction Guarantee (EPSG)?

EPSG is a demonstration of Ellsworth’s commitment that we build the best riding MTB bikes in the market.  Customers who purchase a stock 2017 Ellsworth bike can now purchase with confidence that the bike they buy will far exceed the performance and ride quality of their previous MTB bike.  If after 30 days, you aren’t 100% satisfied with your new bike, you can return it to your place of purchase and receive a full refund (less a $250 restock fee).  The only conditions are that you purchase through a participating US outlet, and return the bike with normal wear and tear.

How do I get a new Ellsworth?

Customers can order their dream bike through Ellsworth’s online store.   Once your order is placed, a sales representative will contact you to discuss the delivery logistics of your new Ellsworth.  ESPG is initially launching in over 45 US markets where we have our Concierge Delivery Service.  Other select dealers or local bike shops may support the program, however you will have to contact our Sales team at sales@ellsworthbike.com for more details.

How long will it take to get my new bike?

Customers who purchase on line will be contacted by our sales team within a business day.  Once we have confirmed the delivery logistics and participating Velofix Direct location, your bike will be shipped to Velofix for preparation of delivery.  You will receive a notice that the bike has been delivered to Velofix (typically within 7 days) and at that point you can schedule your delivery to your preferred location (home or business) date and time (based on scheduled availability).

What if there is no Velofix where I live?

Contact our sales team (sales@ellsworthbikes.com).  We can identify other delivery options if you live in an area outside of our Concierge Delivery Service areas.  At the moment, we are not offering this program to international customers.

What happens if I want to return the bike I purchased?

It’s simple.  Contact your Velofix mechanic who delivered and set up your bike.  Velofix will conduct a quick inspection of the bike to ensure there is no damage, document the return, and contact Ellsworth to complete your refund.